Don’t waste your 40 million minutes on earth, find happiness says author

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If you’re still struggling to feel energised and can’t seem to overcome a general feeling of dissatisfaction about life, you’re not alone.

Millions of us spend our working lives wishing our weeks away until we can say: ‘Thank goodness it’s Friday’.

All too soon the weekend flies by and the cycle begins again, according Peter Hawkins, life coach and author of a new book, No Regrets On Sunday: The Seven-Day Plan To Change Your Life.

‘Generally, we’re all feeling down in February because our secret dream that somehow things will be different purely because it’s a new year unsurprisingly haven’t materialised,’ he says.

‘That can be enough to plunge us into gloom and sap any motivation we might have harboured to make changes.’

But he believes it is perfectly possible to take control and improve our lives, and start journeying towards those apparently out-of-reach goals and pursue happiness.

‘Assuming we’re lucky enough to live until our mid-80s, that means we’re born with 40 million minutes on the clock. So we have enough time to achieve things, but what counts is how we choose to use the time,’ he says.

‘What a waste if all we do is wish them away and only focus on endlessly waiting for the weekend, holidays or eventual retirement.’

A strategy can be formulated, he believes, over a seven-day period – or more gradually – which will allow us to recognise what makes us happy or unhappy, help us identify aims, and put us on the road to fulfilment and success.