Dream wedding planned in just 13 weeks

Gavin and Michelle Wright
Gavin and Michelle Wright
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Some brides might have felt daunted by the task of planning their dream day in just 13 weeks.

But with the perfect venue already in mind, Michelle Richards was confident she could pull it off.

Michelle and her new husband, Gavin Wright, have actually been engaged for two years, yet only decided to set a date a little over three months ago.

‘As soon as we got engaged I was saying “When are we going to set a date then?” but Gavin told me I’d have to be patient,’ laughs Michelle.

‘Then we went to Paris earlier in the year and when we came back he said “We’re ready now, shall we get married in October?”.

‘There was plenty of time and I wasn’t stressed at all.’

Although the couple have made a home together in Llanelli, south Wales, Gavin is originally from the Portsmouth area.

And as his parents Barry and Margaret Wright, plus his maternal grandparents, had tied the knot at St Thomas’ Church in Bedhampton, Gavin and Michelle already knew where they wanted to get married.

So on Saturday they became the third generation of Gavin’s family to marry there and the sun was shining brightly for them all day.

‘We live in Wales but my family are from Bristol, so there was no need to keep the wedding local,’ explains Michelle.

‘Everyone was quite happy to travel to Portsmouth and it’s such a lovely church. When we found out that Gavin’s mum was also christened there it was like it was meant to be.

‘There’s a bench outside the church where Gavin’s parents also had their pictures taken so we were able to recreate that.’

She adds: ‘It was really special. The service was lovely and the weather was fantastic. It was a bit of a blur for me because I was so nervous but it was really nice and it was great that everyone could be involved.

‘Gavin said he was close to tears when he saw me walking down the aisle.’

After the service, the newlyweds travelled to Cams Hall Estate Golf Course, in Fareham, for their reception and an evening party.

Michelle, 25, says: ‘We had some really lovely photos taken on the golf course because the weather was just so good. We were so lucky. We were expecting snow but the sun was shining and the trees were all changing colour.’

Instead of wedding gifts, Michelle and 30-year-old Gavin asked friends and family to buy them travel vouchers. They’ll now use the vouchers to plan a honeymoon next month.

‘I think getting all the family together was the most memorable moment for us,’ adds Michelle.

‘It’s so difficult because we all live so far apart so we don’t always get the chance to get everyone together.’