Easter designs were eggs-tremely good!

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The Bridge Tavern and Camber Dock''''Picture: Paul Simpso

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Hi there all you Chipsters and welcome to this Saturday’s Chipper Club page.

I hope you all had a great time over Easter and didn’t eat too much chocolate. Thanks very much for all your lovely drawings that you sent in – if you remember, I asked on April 16 if you’d decorate the outline of a giant-sized Easter egg with a colourful wrapper.

Lots of you spent time with pens and crayons, coming up with beautiful colour schemes. My favourite was the one on the right, which was done by Chipster 1729 Reece Willis from Beverston Road, Paulsgrove and featured special jewels (they were actually coloured sequins) and a gold moon, stars and circle. Well done, Reese!

It was really hard choosing a winner and I’ve got some of the others hanging up in my kennel to remind me what a talented and creative lot you are!

Congratulations also go to three-year-old Chipster 1634 Erica Walsh, five-year-old Chipster 517 Owen Denham from Ranalegh Road, Stamshaw, Chipster Oliver Greenaway from Jersey Road, Buckland, six-year-old Chipster 1728 Dylan Willis from Beverston Road, Paulsgrove (thanks for the envelope full of glitter, Dylan!), Chipsters Macy-Grace Newman, 11, and five-year-old Freya Newman and eight-year-old Chipster 1091 Eleanor Chalmers and her brother Chipster 1234 Roland Chalmers, aged six, from Leesland Road, Gosport.

Well that’s it for this week my friends, so until next Saturday I’ll say chip, chip for now. Be good!