Easter means time for me to get away

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Hello and happy Easter Chipsters! We dogs can’t get involved and enjoy the chocolate like everyone else so rather than sit and watch everyone eat all their eggs, I’m going on holiday this year.

Well, not a proper holiday, just a short break to recharge my batteries. I’ll be meeting up with an old friend while I’m away. It’s an unlikely friendship, what with her being feline, but we actually met one Easter many years ago.

She has me to thank for saving her first life. I say ‘first’ because, as we all know, cats have nine lives, lucky things. I was tied up outside the local newsagents waiting for my master to come back out.

She had run in chasing a butterfly when she bumped straight into the Easter egg display. One came crashing down straight towards her head – one of those big ones you get with a nice mug in it.

Being the brave dog that I am I wriggled out of my collar and ran in pushing her out of the chocolatey path of danger. We’ve been best buds ever since.

So I’m heading off to the Lake District to spend time with her at her cat basket. It’s just what a dog needs to get away from all the stresses of canine life.

We’ll probably spend the bank holiday weekend mooching around, catching some fish and taking long walks through the forest. I may even get my fur wet and go for a doggy paddle in the lake!

Enjoy your Easter friends! Chip chip for now. Chipper.