Eating cheese and drinking wine is not healthy...but it’s good for the soul

Emma with Dawn Grant from  24/7 Fitness at Gunwharf Quays
Emma with Dawn Grant from 24/7 Fitness at Gunwharf Quays
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When News reporter Emma Judd signed up for this year’s Great South Run, she knew she’d need some help. As personal trainers Dawn Grant and Max Eacott, from Portsmouth-based 24/7 Fitness, put her through her paces, she’ll be writing about her progress each week.

Recently, I went to France with two very good girl friends. Yes, thank you, we did have a marvellous time, and we ate and drank wine until we could do neither any more.

‘But what about your training?’ I hear regular readers cry. ‘Cheese and wine isn’t very healthy!’

You’d be right. Cheese and wine is not in the official 24/7 Fitness ‘how to get fit fast’ rule book, and it’s certainly not going to help me finish the Great South Run. But it is so good for the soul. So what to do? Exercising on holiday is never something I aim to do, unless I’m going skiing. Or an afternoon amble takes a wrong turn somewhere.

Well, with fitness thoughts almost uppermost in my mind, me and my gal pals Stacey and Lucy decided we’d get active on our break to the Loire Valley. In just four days we canoed 13.5km, cycled 10 miles, and ran 3.5 miles in searing heat on the wrong side of the road. Bon.

Add to that a fair amount of wandering about looking at old stuff in Le Mans, and of course lifting full glasses from table to mouth, and what you have there is the perfect holiday workout. Don’t tell Dawn or Max from the gym though...