Emma’s halfway there on the road to Great South Run

Emma Judd and fitness instructor/trainer Dawn Grant
Emma Judd and fitness instructor/trainer Dawn Grant
Ben Chudley''Ben Chudley warming up for his double event

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I’m going to start by giving a bit of a warning: what’s coming next might make me come across as a smug try-hard who’s turned into an exercise bore.

A few short months ago, pickled in post break-up chocolate, wine and pizza, yours truly found it impossible to run even a mile.

But, I had promised myself I’d take part in the Great South Run, so I needed to get fit.

Some would describe me as determined. Others, including my wonderful parents, would probably go with stubborn. Either way, I ditched the junk, went on the wagon, and persuaded 24/7 Fitness to take me under their supportive and very fit wing.

Now, with mere weeks to go until October 28 and the Great South Run, I am happy to report that I, Emma Judd, reporter of this parish, can run.

I have run uphill, downhill, up steps and down towpaths. I’ve run in this country and I’ve run abroad. I’ve run in wind, rain, sun and fog.

And I have run more than five miles without being too slow or stopping to walk.

Now, stats fans, I know the GSR is 10 miles. But five miles? From someone who couldn’t even do one? That’s pretty good, is it not?

Now I know I can do over half the distance without dying, it’s time to build up to that magic 10-mile marker and hope that on the day the good wishes of the crowd carry me through.

After all, there’s only six weeks to go...wish me luck!