Fareham school aids disaster relief

Harrison Primay School in Fareham charity netball match between pupils and teachers.''Picture: Paul Jacobs  (123816-6)
Harrison Primay School in Fareham charity netball match between pupils and teachers.''Picture: Paul Jacobs (123816-6)
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Pupils at Harrison Primary School in Fareham took on their teachers to raise money for charity.

Deputy head Moira Groves explains.

We decided to let the staff have a go at playing netball this week.

It’s all in a bid to raise money for our chosen charity for this year, ShelterBox.

So we decided it would be fun to unite the staff and the pupils and they played each other.

The children came out victorious, winning 6-3.

ShelterBox is an international disaster relief charity. It provides emergency shelter, warmth and dignity to people affected by disaster around the world.

Each box includes things like a disaster relief tent for an extended family, blankets, cooking utensils, a stove, a basic tool kit, and a children’s activity pack, amongst other things.

The children had been looking at different ways to raise money.

We want to raise £600 for one box to be sent out.

So we decided to organise the game the match and asked for sponsorship from small companies and contractors associated with the school.

We had some sponsorship from school governors.

It was just a case of us trying to ensure that the staff were just as involved as the pupils.

Staff, which included teachers and caretakers dressed up.

We don’t have a staff netball team. But we wanted to make it a fun and enjoyable activity. Plus our staff enjoy dressing up.

It’s important for the children to get a good understanding of where they stand in the world. Not everyone is as privileged as they are.

The whole school collectively have been making pom poms, posters and banners. They have been keen on supporting the other children.

We’ve got more than 600 children so not everyone could take part.

A total of 18 Year 6 children were selected.

It’s a fun thing. The staff were there to have fun and do silly things. None of them knew the rules.

But the children were excited. They just wanted to show the staff how good they are – and they did.

It was absolutely brilliant. It was a very exciting afternoon. The children were great.

They were excited and singing. They were raising their pom poms and their banners.

The staff and the children enjoyed being together on a project rather than it just being the adults.

We will definitely continue to do something like this in the future.

It brings us together as a school. We have got a collective reason to work together on something. It brings our school community together.