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Peppa Pig colouring form
Peppa Pig colouring form
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Hi there Chipsters! Welcome to this week’s Chipper Club page, the only place to turn to if you’re one of my Chipsters.

Today’s page is all about the three C’s – chuckling, colouring-in and competitions.

If there’s one thing I know about my Chipsters it’s that you love all three of those so I hope you enjoy what’s on offer here today.

First up, here’s some news about my Chipper Club Chuckle Challenge. If you remember, I set you a mission – send me your funniest jokes and you could win a great prize.

Your jokes came flying in and I’m delighted to announce that the winner is – drum roll please – Scarlet Davies!

Well done Scarlet, you had me and my pals at The News in stitches. Look out for your prize – Harry Hill’s Whopping Great Joke Book is on its way to you as we speak, thanks to my friends at Waterstone’s.

Check out Scarlet’s joke to the right of today’s page. There’s also jokes from two other Chipsters to give you a chuckle....and I’ll make sure the rest of you who sent in your best gags see them in print over the coming weeks.

Peppa Pig fans will have spotted the picture of their heroine already and if the rest of you read the competition details at the bottom of the page you’ll see why she’s here.

Colour in the outline of Peppa and follow the instructions below to bag yourself a great prize.

That’s it for today my friends so until next Saturday I’ll say chip chip for now!

Love Chipper X