Fireworks will light up the evening sky

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Chipper here, hello to Chipsters everywhere!

I hope you all had a great half-term holiday and went back to school on Monday with smiles on your faces.

So, if you haven’t already heard, tonight is a very special celebration – Bonfire Night!

It’s also known as Guy Fawkes Night, named after a man called Guy Fawkes.

Mr Fawkes and a bunch of other chaps were part of something called the Gunpowder Plot on this night about 400 years ago.

They tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament in London because they didn’t like the king, but they were caught!

Have you ever been caught doing something mischievous? I have.

Once, my master caught me taking a line of sausages out of the fridge. He chased me all the way down the road but I got away and found a quiet spot in the park to sit and gobble them all up.

But it was too much food and the next morning I felt really paw-ly. That was naughty of me but it wasn’t as bad as what Mr Fawkes did.

Every year on November 5, we remember the Gunpowder Plot by lighting lots of fireworks which explode in the sky.

I think they look amazing, but remember that lots of animals don’t like fireworks. I’ve got an Irish Setter friend called Seamus who gets so scared he puts his tale between his legs and goes off to sit in the corner.

So Chipster friends, what have you got planned for Bonfire Night?

Chip chip for now.

Your friend, Chipper