Flower picture for all you budding artists

Flower picture
Flower picture
Pat and Dave Southern are celebrating thier diamond wedding annivserary ''Picture by:  Malcolm Wells (180419-1480)

DIAMOND WEDDING: ‘We’re so happy, we’d do it all over again if we could’

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Hi there, my friends, and welcome to your friendly, fun-packed and floral Chipper Club page.

This week I thought I’d give you a nice big flower to colour in so you can try out all your pens and pencils before you go back to school.

Maybe you have a new set ready for the start of term. Why not use as many as possible so you can try them all out and make your flower the most colourful thing in the world – as bright and pretty as a rainbow.

Can you manage that?

Now I’ve been thinking about all my Chipper pals getting ready to go back to school and I thought you might be a little sad that the holidays will be over in a couple of weeks.

But then I realised you must be really excited about learning new things and being with all your friends again.

So I thought you might like some flower jokes to go with the picture and make your schoolmates laugh. Here goes:

What is a frog’s favourite flower?

A croak-us

What did the big flower say to the small flower?

What’s up bud?

And don’t forget to share the jokes on the right too.

But until then, you still have some of the summer holiday left and I want you to have the best time ever.

And then you can write and tell me all about it!

Until next week, it’s chip chip for now.

Chipper x