Fresh air and fun make new workouts memorable

Molly Booth and Louise Lawrence take part in one of the outdoor sessions
Molly Booth and Louise Lawrence take part in one of the outdoor sessions
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It might look like some insane version of tug-of-war, but Tim Coles reckons this is the perfect antidote to all those boring gym routines.

Using resistance ropes and weight training harnesses, pairs of people are tied together and running around a field in Southsea.

Tim Coles

Tim Coles

Personal trainer Tim has launched his own weekly outdoor fitness sessions and the rope challenge is just one aspect of the workout.

Armed with an array of equipment – including boxing pads and a bouncy ball – he gives people the chance to have fun and exercise.

‘It was originally just going to be a group of us going out and doing the sessions every Sunday but a lot of people said they wanted to join in,’ explains Tim.

‘I like to make it as interesting as possible and use lots of different equipment. I just wanted to make it something different from most people’s routines in the gym.’

Using a green near the Royal Garrison Church, Tim concentrates on making each session fun and effective.

The workouts are suitable for all ages, abilities and levels of fitness and will kick-off every Sunday from 6pm on July 22.

The resistance rope exercise offers a particularly challenging workout because as one person tries to pull their partner past a marker, it’s the other’s job to stop them.

‘It’s difficult but because it’s a partner exercise you have to communicate with each other,’ explains Tim.

‘That’s what makes the whole thing fun. You have to communicate and work together.’

At the end of each session everyone gets together to play a team game Tim’s devised using a big ball.

A cross between netball and football, it’s designed to help everyone end the workout on a high.

‘People often find it quite difficult to stick to a routine because it’s mundane,’ says Tim.

‘Turning it into a game means people enjoy it a lot more and that’s what they remember.

‘They remember the fun.’