From Cuban salsa to English folk dance - this is global fitness

Globe Fit founders Hannah Murphy, left, and Lisa Lingard
Globe Fit founders Hannah Murphy, left, and Lisa Lingard

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Two fitness instructors have drawn inspiration from their love of travel and dance to create a brand new exercise style.

Globe Fit takes traditional and popular dances from all over the world and uses the basic steps and style in exercise routines.

It works in a similar way to Zumba classes, which consist of fitness routines using the moves of Latin and street dance.

But this is a new brand and is very different to existing classes.

‘We have come up with several routines and they work really well,’ says Hannah Murphy, who has launched Globe Fit with fellow instructor Lisa Lingard.

‘You get the same sort of cardiovascular workout that Zumba offers but this is completely different.’

To begin with, Globe Fit isn’t restricted to Latin dance, although classes covering Central and South America will focus on, for example, Brazilian samba and Cuban salsa.

Globe Fit does just what it says on the tin and takes inspiration from across the world – China, Japan, India and closer to home, Greece, Spain and Hungary.

In fact, Globe Fit has the potential to cover just about any country that has a traditional dance.

Some classes will be based on English folk, Irish and Scottish Highland dancing. But Hannah says although the dances are very traditional, the exercise classes aren’t and much of the music will be from the charts.

‘That’s the really fun part, doing an English folk dance routine to something like Oasis or The Beatles.’

Hannah and Lisa came up with the idea because they have both travelled widely. Hannah used to 
be an air stewardess and also has a background in dance.

Both instructors have taught Just Jhoom – a fitness brand and franchise based on Bollywood dance.

Hannah says: ‘It was really popular but we felt something with a bit more variety would hold people’s interest for longer.’

Hannah and Lisa have also been taking the idea into schools, focusing on not just the dances of different countries but the culture and language.

Hannah has been running taster sessions on a Monday evening at Holy Rood Church, Stubbington but classes will be launched properly in January.

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