Fun in the London jungle!

Some of the pupils who saw the Lion King
Some of the pupils who saw the Lion King
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PRIMARY school children had a roaring good time when they spent a day out in London’s West End to see the Lion King musical.

The entire 250-pupil population at Stamshaw Juniors drove to the capital in five coaches to enjoy the show this month – for which they had fundraised a staggering £7,500 in six months.

Taizia White, 11, who chairs the school council, helped organise fundraisers like the cinema club which charged 50p to watch a film in breaktime. She said: ‘It was so nice to enjoy the musical after all the hard fundraising.

‘I thought the show was amazing, and I was particularly impressed with the costumes. I also loved the fact that the stage moved and the actors were jumping around.’

Maddi Robbins, nine, said: ‘I had so much fun. The fundraising was definitely worth it. I helped make things to sell at fairs like candle holders and bracelets. I’d do it all over again if I could.’

Jay Ware-Foster, 10, said: ‘If only we could have more school days spent in London watching musicals. The experience was amazing.

‘There were sad bits in it like when Simba’s dad died, but also happy bits with lots of colourful costumes. I’m so proud of our school for making this possible.’

Tadiwa Musarurwa, 11, who raised £20 through a sponsored silence, added: ‘The music was powerful and put us all in a good mood.

‘I’m glad everyone in the school had the chance to be involved. We were all so energised when we came out of the theatre.’

Fundraising started in October after the school council backed deputy head Wendy Bolton’s idea for all pupils to see the Lion King.

Mrs Bolton said: ‘I’m so proud of the children. They behaved beautifully and everyone had a great day out.

‘I think the pupils really appreciated the experience because of all the hard work that had gone into fundraising.

‘We even had 14 Year Threes who raised money packing bags in the Fareham Asda.’

Mrs Bolton added special thanks to the Tim Rice Foundation, which donated £500, plus parents and staff members, in particular Year Four teacher Caroline Mason who oversaw the project.