Fun pictures for my colourful kennel

Chipper drawing by Faith Thorpe no 440
Chipper drawing by Faith Thorpe no 440
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Hello there, my fabulous friends and thank you for all the excellent pictures you’ve been sending.

This week I’m showing off the work of colour-loving Chipsters Coral Whitaker and Faith Thorpe.

You must love loads of different ice cream flavours, Faith.

Look at all those wonderful colours – I can see strawberry, mint, blackcurrant and lemon flavours.

And thanks to Coral for the bright and cheerful tortoise and snail picture.

Who cares if they’re slowcoaches when they look that bright and fun.

They need to walk slowly so everyone can see how great they look.

If you have sent me your work and it isn’t here, don’t worry.

I’ll be printing more of your drawings and coloured-in pictures next week.

And as you know, I also love to put them on the walls of my kennel to cheer the place up.

The trouble is your ice cream pictures are making me peckish and I’ve been having too many at once.

I’m in danger of becoming a roly-poly pooch and having to walk as slowly as the tortoise!

Did you know that around the world you can get some strange ice cream flavours, including chicken, bacon and cucumber?

That’s your fascinating fact for the week Chipsters.

Why don’t you tell your friends and see how many of them say ‘yuk!’

I don’t expect you try any of those, but if you have had any weird food 
I’d love to hear all about it.

A Golden Paw Print (the Chipper version of a Gold Star) to anyone who’s tried the most unusual food.

Anyway until next week, it’s chip chip for now.

Chipper x