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Pastel utensil set
Pastel utensil set
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1 Mezzaluna, £19.50, from M&S.

This stylish chopper comes with a useful wooden board. Mezzalunas are especially handy for chopping herbs – and very popular with TV chefs such as Nigella Lawson.

2 Spudski potato masher, £11 each, from

There’ll be no more lumpy mash when you own one of these futuristic/ski pole design Spudskis. The rubber grip handle and mashing plate have been designed to make using and cleaning it quick and easy.

3 Retro timer, £9 each, from

These fabulous enamel kitchen timers come in three colours and have magnetic backs so you can fix them to your cooker.

4 Cake stand, £6.97, from Wilkinsons.

If you’re a home baker then you’ll be needing a cake stand to show off your hard work – this one from Wilkinsons is pretty without being twee.

5 Soldier egg cup and toast cutter, £6.99, from

Why should breakfast be boring? This set gives you a fun way to eat boiled eggs and the toast cutter allows you to assemble a platoon of toast soldiers.

6 Pastel utensil set, £4.97, from Wilkinsons.

This kit includes all the essentials – masher, spaghetti server, turner and spoon – and the pretty colours will brighten up even the most dowdy of kitchens.

7 Cast iron grill pan, £34, from House of Fraser.

Perfect for griddling meat or vegetables, a grill pan is a useful extra for any keen home cook.

8 Jamie at Home cookie cutters, £24.50, from

These cutters come in every letter of the alphabet so you can bake a batch of cookies to spell out special messages, your name or your favourite word. They can be packed away neatly in this tin. And you also get the tin to store your stainless steel cutters in.

9 Magnetic memo pad, £3.99, from British Heart Foundation.

If you’re a forgetful cook or shopper then a memo pad should be high on your essential kitchen equipment list.

10 Apron and oven gloves set, £14 each, from Debenhams.

Both are basic pieces of kit but there’s no rule that says they have to be plain. This set – adorned with pictures of vegetables – is practical and cute.