Game, set, match for a sneaky pooch

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Hello again Chipsters. Isn’t this summer just flying by? It’s already Wimbledon fortnight and that means lots of tennis and plenty of good old British strawberries and cream in the sun.

Now, although I enjoy a spot of tennis I encounter the same problem every year when it comes to Wimbledon. No dogs allowed. It’s a sign that sends shivers down my spine and it’s always in places which are the most fun.

This year I decided I wasn’t standing for it and devised a very clever plan. I managed to sneak myself in to the first day of Wimbledon yesterday, completely undetected. But how did you do that Chipper? I hear you cry.

Well, I made myself cosy in a big gym bag full of towels that were being taken on to the courts for the players to use. Once inside I had a VIP courtside seat. With my soft light fur I blended in well with the towels – and the players were none the wiser!

It was a great afternoon. I just love the Britishness of Wimbledon, everyone sat out in the sunshine all getting together for a tantalising game of tennis. I think they should have a ‘dogs only’ competition so that we mutts can join in.

I’ll tell you what though friends, it wasn’t much fun coming back out in the dirty bag of sweaty towels. Phew, what a stench!

Congratulations to the lucky Chipsters listed below. You’ve both won a family ticket to Marwell Zoo, home to lots of crazy creatures and critters.

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Treat mum and dad and take them along to see the story of young orphan Annie on stage. Good luck, Chipsters! I’m crossing my paws for you.

Suzy McDonald (144)

Trinity White (587)

Must dash, here is a picture of a tennis player for you to colour and send back to me. Chip chip for now.