Get ready for the sun with top beauty tips

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The recent mini-heatwave caught us all off guard.

But along with the ice creams and sunbathing sessions came the annual horror of baring skin for the first time.

Sales of SOS fake tan at Debenhams rocketed by 105 per cent in reaction to the freakish warm weather.

So next time the sun rears its head, be prepared with a spring skin routine.

Transform those pasty arms and legs into glowing summer-ready limbs that don’t look like they’ve been hidden away in opaque tights and woolly cardigans for months.

It’s time to glow and go with our foolproof skincare guide.

If your skin has been in hibernation under snuggly duvets and winter layers, it’s time for a spring wake-up call.

Kick-start your morning with a dry body brushing session prior to your shower.

Brushing in circular motions will also remove redundant dry, dead skin cells.

Radiant skin requires more than just a hero moisturising product.

If you want silky skin, it’s important to adopt a religiously regular moisturising regime to maximise hydration – random and slapdash applications just won’t do.

You don’t need to dash out for an uber-dark spray tan whenever sunshine’s on the way.

A light self-tan is all you need to look like a naturally more golden delicious version of yourself.

If super-subtle is more your thing try a gradual tan, but you may need to take extra care with the application.

Dry body mists are another speedy way to achieve a spring glow.

Always moisturise first – avoiding anything too oily or thick – and then spray evenly.