Get ready for your bikini and avoid poolside panic

Begin the summer saviour regime now and get ready for that bikni when holiday time comes around.
Begin the summer saviour regime now and get ready for that bikni when holiday time comes around.
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Bikini season is upon us and the sunny spotlight is on your figure.

That’s good news for leggy supermodels, but for the rest of us it’s panic stations ahead of all that poolside posing and beach exhibitionism.

The average woman wants to lose eight pounds before packing their holiday suitcase, new research by online travel agent reveals.

And while some of us wing it and hope for the best in our bikinis, more than two thirds (68 per cent) plan on honing and toning their bodies a month before jetting off, according to EF Medispa.

Whether you’re a bikini girl or one-piece woman, flashing the flesh is inevitable unless you want to spend your holiday hiding under a beach towel, so begin the summer saviour regime now.

You may not drop inches rapidly, but all that extra attention applied to your hot spots daily should, at the very least, boost your bare-all beach confidence.


This common beauty woe is usually associated with bottoms – the body area women want to change most, according to a YouGov poll.

You can avoid gym squats by waking up your muscles with the Slendertone Bottom, £139.99 (, a pair of shorts containing pads that stimulate the nerves to improve tone in four weeks with 30-minutes daily use.

If your wobbles are less specific, a quick-fix DIY or salon treatment can help before you brave the bikini.

‘A pre-beach body wrap can make you lose inches all over – temporarily. Try one a day or so before hitting the beach,’ says Slendertone personal trainer, Jarod Chapman.


Try these products for a quick wobble fix:

Mummify in The Sanctuary Trim & Tone Body Wrap, £25.52 (

Fake firmer thighs with Karin Herzog’s Tone & Tan, £38 (, with lashings of detoxing green tea, vitamin B12, and self-tanning element to boot.

Banish the bloat on your tum with herbal supplements, like Functionalab’s Body Toning Kit, £77 (, boasting collagen synthesis for smoother and firmer skin.

Combat bingo wings wobble as you wave to your pals on the beach with Pupa’s Inner Arm Shaping Cream, £42 (


As Kate Moss recently proved on a Paris catwalk, you don’t have to be curvy to suffer from the curse of cellulite.

According to Dr Claudia Aguirre from the International Dermal Institute: ‘Cellulite is a name for collections of fat that push against the connective tissue beneath a person’s skin, which causes the surface of the skin to dimple or pucker and look lumpy, or like an orange peel.’

No matter how buff your body is, the dreaded orange peel and/or silver snake effects of cellulite and stretch marks can be a beach body bugbear for many women – especially with the glaring sunlight factored in.

‘Swig water throughout the day,’ recommends Jarod. ‘Well hydrated skin will minimise the look of cellulite, which can plague even the most toned bodies.’

As well as pure and simple H20, a combination of approaches is the best way to diminish the dreaded dimples, including good diet, exercise and body brushing followed by a cellulite-busting potion daily.


Some people are blessed with curves in all the right spots, while others panic about bulges in all the wrong bikini places.

If you don’t have the time or willpower for long cardio stints, a good night’s beauty sleep can help battle the bulge. ‘Start the week as you mean to go on, by getting plenty of sleep. Studies show tiredness is likely to make you put on weight,’ explains Jarod.

Keep your holiday checklists – and the kids – under control in the lead up to your getaway, too.

‘Try to keep your stress levels low. Fight or flight hormones encourage the body to store fat,’ adds Jarod.