Get summer beach hair to dive for

Loose textured curls look good
Loose textured curls look good
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It can be hard to create fashionable and practical hairstyles in the summer.

There are so many factors to consider, especially if you’re going abroad on your holidays and spending time in the sun, at the beach or in a swimming pool.

‘You need to protect against the heat and the sun’s UV rays,’ says Helen Auld (also known as Mel) from Hair OTT at Lakeside 1000 in Portsmouth.

‘You also need to guard against chlorine damage and keep hair hydrated. So an anti-chlorine shampoo and hydrating conditioner are important’ adds the 33-year-old hair designer from Stamshaw.

‘An obvious choice for protection is a hat. There are all kinds of styles, so you can look chic, casual or sassy.

‘Or, just rinse your hair through in the morning, towel dry it off and then apply conditioner.

‘This protects against heat, UV rays and calms the frizz that humidity can cause.

‘Then just style it if it’s short or put it up if it’s long,’ says Helen.

‘Big buns are in fashion and easy to create with bun rings.

‘Loose ponytails are easy. And hair accessories look good and keep your style in place too.

‘This season, it’s all about big hair bands for a hippy chic look,’ she adds.

‘Plaits are also very good. They keep the hair off your face, hide greasy roots or frizzy ends and will stay in place in the water.

‘And they unravel to reveal beachy kinks once they’re undone.

‘The tighter the plait, the tighter the wave.

‘So, if you prefer a relaxed look, stick to one or two loose chunky plaits,’ says Helen.

For mermaid-inspired undone and tousled beachy waves, Helen says there are short cuts to beach beautiful.

‘My advice is to use a salt spray like TIGI’s Catwalk Salt Spray.

‘It gives a soft, but textured look with plenty of movement and it also helps to tame fuzzy hair.’

For a lighter finish, spray on to your hands and scrunch the product into your hair.

For greater hold and texture, spray directly on to the hair.

If your hair is uber-straight, promote a wavier look with curling tongs.

Spritz a beach spray on to clean, damp hair and rough dry, then use a curling wand to wave random sections from the mid-lengths to the ends.