Girls lose nine stone and see the lighter side of life

Pictured from left to right: Claire Tunnicliffe, Jemma Dearsley, Carina Waller and Kerry West lost weight together
Pictured from left to right: Claire Tunnicliffe, Jemma Dearsley, Carina Waller and Kerry West lost weight together
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They’ve known each other since they were little girls and have always done everything together.

Now that extends to losing weight – as these four friends joined forces to support each other to slim.

Carina Waller, Kerry West, Claire Tunnicliffe and Jemma Dearsley joined their local weight loss group together.

And now they’re celebrating after shedding more than nine stone between them.

‘We’ve grown up together and we’d made a pact that we’d get a joint tattoo,’ explains Carina, from Havant.

‘But then it got to the point where we looked at photos of ourselves and thought we needed to do something about our weight.’

In November 2010, the foursome joined WeightWatchers. And attending the Sunday morning group at The Bear Hotel, in Havant, soon became a weekly fixture for them all.

With the help of group leader Sarah Bell, all four have lost more than a stone.

Claire, 27, has hit her target goal after losing almost two stone. Kerry, 25, has lost one stone three pounds while Jemma, also 25, has lost one stone and seven pounds.

Carina has lost an amazing five stone to slim down to a svelte 12 stone.

‘We’re best friends and we were all unhappy with our weight,’ adds Carina, 26.

‘We’d all done different diets in the past and that was really the turning point.

‘I’d had a couple of babies and wasn’t happy with my weight after that.’

With the help of weekly weigh-ins, an eating plan and support from each other and the rest of the group members, they gradually saw the weight start to come off.

‘For me it’s been about changing the types of food I eat,’ explains Carina.

‘I used to eat takeaways. You can still eat takeaways but it’s about making changes, like eating a lot more fruit and vegetables and drinking more fluids.’

Carina and the girls credit the group’s friendly atmosphere with helping them achieve success.

Sarah says: ‘They are the only group of four I’ve ever had and it’s definitely what’s spurred them on. They’ve had the support of each other and the other members of the group.

‘I’m proud of all my members – but the support these four have given each other is just amazing.’

Carina adds: ‘It’s such a big group and it’s got a real buzz about it.

‘We chat over the internet and give each other advice and support. We have really good banter at our meetings. I love seeing people shrinking.

‘I’m diabetic and the health benefits are amazing. I’m so much more confident now. I know for all of the girls, it’s brought a different meaning for each of them.’