Give someone great a bunch of flowers

Colour in these flowers
Colour in these flowers
What would you do if your sister's husband made a pass at you?

DEAR FIONA: My sister’s husband made a pass at me – what should I do?

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Hello there my cheerful, chirpy friends. I bet you’re full of the joys of spring.

We’ve had loads of lovely sunshine and I’ve flung open the windows of my luxury kennel and let in the fresh air.

It also makes the whole place smell better because I confess I still haven’t had that bath I was talking about last week.

You know how we dogs hate having baths and get our revenge by shaking water all over silly children that get in the way.

I said you could get your own back by sending in pictures of your pets looking silly.

Maybe they’ve just had a bath, or they’re asleep in a really funny place or they’re looking really cross (I’m thinking of cats here, we dogs mostly look joyful).

Be careful not to annoy your furry friends trying to get pictures. I bet you have some great snaps of them in the family album already.

My kennel is also full of your rainbow and parrot pictures. They’re making it really colourful – but there’s one thing missing.

What about the spring flowers? People don’t tend to send us dogs flowers because sometimes we mistake them for food and chew them.

But maybe you could colour in this picture and send it to me. Or you could colour it in, cut it out and stick it on a card for your mum for Mother’s Day, which is coming up very soon.

Either that or make a card for your nan or anyone else in your family – just to say ‘Happy Spring.’

Until next week it’s chip chip for now.

Chipper x