Gomer kids have the Hollywood appeal!

Headteacher Debby Marshall (first left, back row) with teachers and pupils from Gomer Infants in Gosport
Headteacher Debby Marshall (first left, back row) with teachers and pupils from Gomer Infants in Gosport
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Schoolchildren transformed into glittering celebrities at a mini Oscars ceremony to mark their directorial debuts.

Six and seven-year-olds at Gomer Infants in Gosport walked the red carpet in dinner suits and ballgowns to enjoy the premiere of their film before collecting Oscars and certificates.

The ceremony was the grand culmination of six weeks’ hard work creating a cartoon about aliens supporting children in the classroom, podcasting healthy living messages, and filming younger pupils taking part in a range of activities such as gardening, cooking and building shelters.

Aaron Middleton, seven, said: ‘I really enjoyed the premiere because I got an Oscar and got to watch the film we made.

‘I had never used a video camera before, so I was really proud of myself. I want be a film director when I grow up.’

Lillie Thomas, seven, who also won an Oscar, said: ‘My favourite part was interviewing teachers and pupils in reception class and Year One about their projects.

‘When I saw the film at the Oscars night I thought my interviews really helped bring the issues to life.’

Christina Brenton-Sparrow, seven, was awarded a certificate and enjoyed the nibbles and canapes laid out for her and the other guests.

She said: ‘It was overwhelming to have the red carpet rolled out for us and paparazzi taking our pictures.

‘I don’t think the celebrity life is for me, but I’m pleased I took part in the project because I learned a lot.’

Emma Chudley, deputy headteacher, said she was overwhelmed with the quality of the films and maturity of her pupils on Oscars night.

She said: ‘The children surpassed our expectations. The quality of their work and their professionalism was superb.

‘Oscars night was our way of congratulating their huge achievement. Who needs Hollywood when we have our own film stars in Gosport!’

The project was run by government-funded Creative Partnerships and Miss Chudley wants to give special thanks to Compulsive Productions who led the film-making and ICT training.