Greedy gull stole my Star Wars rubber

Faith Thorp's expert colouring
Faith Thorp's expert colouring
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Greetings Chipsters everywhere.

I salute you by raising a big, furry paw to my brow in tribute to your amazing artistic talents.

Just look at the beautiful colouring done here by Chipster 440 Faith Thorpe. I particulary admire the way she used the same colour for the buildings and the sand thereby saving her other crayons for my next artwork challenge.

Faith inspired me to dig out my pencils and sketch pad. I’d wrapped them in waterproof cloth and buried them close to the gazebo many moons ago.

They were in perfect condition and after some energetic sharpening of my wide selection of HB, 2B and 2H pencils, plus rubbing off the mould from my Star Wars eraser, I was all set for a day of drawing.

I put everything in an oh-so-trendy messenger bag and attached it to my collar before trotting to Baffins Pond at Baffins, Portsmouth. I sat in the shade beneath a tree, donned my green eyeshade (every artist has to have one) and placed my water bowl within slurping distance. Perfect. Or so I thought.

No sooner had my paw-clutched pencil skimmed across the blank page to create the outline of one of the pond’s islands, than a huge herring gull swooped down, stood in my water bowl, eyed me aggressively and then flew off with my precious eraser in its beak.

Outrageous behaviour, I’m sure you’ll agree. I’ll let you know next week what happened next. Chip chip for now. Your old, stunned friend, Chipper.