Grrrr, rabbit hole gives me paws for thought

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Hello again Chipsters. I certainly hope you’ve had a better week than your old pal Chipper. You see friends, as I write this I’m wrapped in blankets in my basket, quite under the weather.

Yes, this clumsy mutt went to the vet last week following a tumble. I was out in the fields playing my favourite game, fetch, with my master. As usual, I was bounding after the ball, which was almost in my reach, when I fell down a rabbit hole and went flying.

In a muddled heap on the ground, I tried to get back up but my front left paw was really painful. So I was bundled straight back into the car and off we went to my least favourite place, the vet’s.

Luckily it wasn’t anything too serious, just a sprain, so I was wrapped up like an Egyptian Mummy in bandages and sent on my limping way.

So there have been no walks for me this week, and certainly none of my favourite fetch game. It’s not been all bad though – my master has been waiting on me hand and foot, and I’ve been allowed all the doggy treats I desire. I’ve even been allowed on the sofa!

I’ll tell you what though, when I get my paws on those pesky rabbits, I’ll have serious words with them. They need to start making their homes more obvious. Maybe I’ll suggest a welcome mat.

Anyway, must be going. Don’t forget to send me your artwork to cheer me up while I’m a poorly pooch.

Chip chip for now,