Guests hatch a surprise

From left: Twins Emily and Tom Goodwin, both six, playing with their new friends
From left: Twins Emily and Tom Goodwin, both six, playing with their new friends
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PUPILS have been chirping with delight over their temporary pets – a batch of newly hatched chicks.

The boys and girls at Cumberland Infants in Southsea have been keeping a close eye on their guests who were delivered unhatched to bring the school’s spring topic ‘Spring, Boing, Ping’ to life.

Anna Jones, six, said: ‘We’ve had the fantastic experience of watching chicks hatch from their eggs.

‘The eggs arrived in an incubator on Monday and the first chick hatched on Wednesday – we were all very excited and named the first chick Stevie and then each class took turns in naming the chicks as they hatched. By the following morning there were 11 chicks.’

Connie McKee, seven, said: ‘They came out of their shells looking wet and soggy, but within a few hours they were yellow, beautiful and fluffy.’

William Smith, six, added: ‘We have been finding out lots of information about chicks and have used what we have found in our writing and art work.

‘We cannot believe how noisy they are and in fact the adults say they are even noisier than us.’

Beverly Naylor, headteacher, said the special visitors had helped develop the school’s curriculum to make learning more engaging for pupils.

She said: ‘A member of staff suggested that we use chicks as a hook for the topic and so we found a company that could provide us with all we needed.

‘It has been wonderful to watch the children and adults, including the parents, being captivated by the chicks, with one of our reluctant learners even running into school in the morning to check on them.

‘The children have loved caring for them and holding them.

‘We would love to keep them, but I think the local residents may object by being awoken by a chorus of cockerels in the morning!’

She added: ‘One of the children summed it up by saying that “it is like having our own pets in school” and it has definitely been a memorable experience.

‘The children have been really inspired and lots of them are writing poems about the chicks.’