Have fun colouring these slowcoaches

Tortoise and snail
Tortoise and snail

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Hello there my friends and welcome to this week’s Chipper Club page with a brand new colouring challenge.

How many different colours can you make this tortoise and snail?

Their shells are their homes and I think they need decorating really nicely, so please make them as bright and cheerful as possible.

I expect some of you Chipsters are lucky enough to have a tortoise at home and if you have, you’ll know they’ve come out of their winter hibernation.

That means they’ve slept through the cold months and now they’re up and ready to enjoy the warm weather.

Hopefully, we’ll get some soon, my friends. I know you enjoy playing outside in the garden.

Now snails and tortoises might be the slowcoaches of the animal world, but that doesn’t mean they’re lazy.

In fact they can be great fun and are fascinating creatures.

Did you know they can live to be more than 100 years old?

That’s even older than your grandparents!

Of course the snail in this picture is a bit lazy. But I think hitching a lift on the tortoise’s back is quite clever really.

In real life tortoises love their shells to be grey so just stick to making this picture version colourful.

Anyway that’s all for this week.

Chip chip for now.

Chipper x