Help put Chipper in school holiday mood

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Greetings Chipsters and welcome to today’s Chipper Club page.

A big Chipper shout-out goes to Leah McNaughton today because she’s responsible for the rib-tickling jokes on the right. Thanks Leah, you had me rolling around the dog kennel all day.

Do you think you can do better? Prove it by sending in your favourite jokes to the usual address.

Now today’s a very special day for all you school-age Chipsters out there. A little birdy tells me that it’s the first day of the summer holidays and you know what that means...freedom!

So what are you planning to do with all the lovely time you’ll have on your hands? Something good I hope.

To get you started, I’m setting you a Chipper Club challenge.

You see, your old pal Chipper won’t be getting to stretch his legs on a beach this summer, so I need your help to put me in a holiday mood.

Check out the picture of the bucket and spade on the right – now I want you to have a bash at colouring it in.

When you’re done, send it to me here at the News Centre and I’ll display the best pictures on this page and the rest in my kennel. That should set my tail a-wagging.

That’s it for today my friends so until next Saturday I’ll say chip chip for now!

Love Chipper X