Helping out a friend in horrible weather

It's been too windy for umbrellas
It's been too windy for umbrellas
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Greetings Chipsters everywhere. Hasn’t it been terribly windy this week? That, along with the rain, has caused absolute mayhem for my friend and me, Rayna the Robin.

Some of you might remember that I rescued Rayna after she injured her wing a few months ago. We remained great friends afterwards and at the weekend, she needed my assistance again.

During the storm that broke out in Dunyelping on Friday – wind, rain and lightning galore – Rayna called on me to help her and her family as their nest had fallen to the ground.

Being the strong, sharp four-legged beast that I am, it was only right that I offered my strength on the ground while Rayna stuck to flying back and forth from the tree. We made a great team.

I scurried around in the wind, struggling I must admit, gathering what was left of the nest and its belongings.

It was awful – as I looked around, people were struggling to walk, the wind was so strong. Umbrellas were flying everywhere.

As I passed things to Rayna, she did her best to soar against the wind, back to the tree. I went after any bits that were flying away.

A few hours later the wind had finally let up. We were both soaked but we’d managed to make Rayna’s home liveable, at least for the night.

Mum wasn’t happy about me being outside because the whole area was advised to stay inside. Turns out everyone thought I was really brave!

Chip chip for now. Chipper.