Hurrah! We’ve made it to the best month of all

Bailey Young, 10
Bailey Young, 10
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Greetings Chipsters and welcome to the best month of the year – March.

Why the top month? Two reasons. The first is that it’s my birthday month and we all think the month of our birth is the best of the 12 don’t we?

Connor Brown

Connor Brown

Secondly, I always think that March heralds the proper start of the year.

It’s a month of optimism you see. After all the long, long weeks of darkness, cold, wet and gloom, we are now emerging into the light.

The clocks go forward at the end of the month and the evenings will begin to get much lighter, much quicker.

Have you looked in your garden or your local park recently? If you’ve been paying attention you’ll have seen everything bursting into new life again.

Edward Milne, five

Edward Milne, five

First came the snowdrops (lots are still in flower), quickly followed by the purple, orange and white hues of the crocus. Now we have daffodils exploding into their yellow glory. Even the grass has begun to grow again. Which reminds me, I must check the spark plug on my mower because the lawn around Dunyelping is looking shaggy.

Talking of colour, I’ve been wowed by your colouring skills this week. Ruby Warwick, Bailey Young, Connor Brown and five-year-old Edward Milne have done me proud – especially Edward’s clever use of colour in the beach scene in the bottom right hand corner. Well done all of you. Chip chip for now. Your old friendChipper.


Another benefit of the end of winter and the beginning of spring is motoring.

Ruby Warwick, seven

Ruby Warwick, seven

It means I can get the convertible out of the garage next to Dunyelping and enjoy some great days out.

Oh, the joy of the open road with the top down and the breeze ruffling my fur. You can’t beat it. And what could be better than a pootle through the New Forest to the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu.

These three Chipsters will be doing just that because they’ve won family tickets to Beaulieu: Hannah Priest (552); Carrie Barnett (1724) and Francesca Cope (468). Congratulations.


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