I love my pictures – and my glittery fur

Liam Haines's beautiful rainbow and talkative parrot
Liam Haines's beautiful rainbow and talkative parrot
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Hello there, my friends, and welcome to the Chipper Club gallery of glitter, gorgeous colours and golden pawprints.

Wow Chipsters, my kennel has never looked better – so many of you have sent me lovely pictures for the walls.

It’s lucky I have a luxury kennel with huge walls that can fit my 42in flat screen television and all your masterpieces.

A big thank you this week to Liam Haines (aged five-and-three-quarters) who even told me what his parrot might be saying.

Thankfully it wasn’t ‘Chipper smells’ or anything like that, but a much more pleasant ‘Ello, feed me’.

Liam also sent an impressive rainbow – it’s very neatly coloured, my friend, and I love the gold pen you’ve used.

Was that a hint? Oh all right then, I’ll award you a golden pawprint (the Chipper equivalent of a gold star). You can see it on your picture and you definitely deserve such a big honour.

Also receiving golden pawprints this week are Erica and Ella Walsh for their excellent rainbows.

I love the glittery clouds Erica. What’s more, some of that sparkly stuff has come off the picture and is now making my fur look fabulous.

I look so wonderful I think I’ll have a party.

But first I need to tell you that there will be more rainbows and parrots on this page next week.

So if you’ve sent yours in, don’t worry. It will be appearing on your friendly, fun-packed Chipper Club page soon.

Until next week it’s chip chip for now. Chipper.x