I’m dreaming of my itsy-bitsy bikini on
Bondi this Christmas

Elise Brewerton trying to lose weight at Crossfit Southern Legion
Elise Brewerton trying to lose weight at Crossfit Southern Legion

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I’ve been teetering around the 12st mark for the past seven years, constantly thinking about diets but never doing them.

So when I got the chance to spend Christmas on the beach, in Australia, I decided now was the time to fight the blubber.

Thanks to Ray Pharoah, co-owner of CrossFit Southern Legion, based at Shawcross Industrial Estate, Hilsea I’m well on my way.

CrossFit is a new kind of strength and conditioning training. And it’s really tough. When I started I was so unfit I gave myself a month of three classes a week before I began the nutrition plan.

I had to reveal my eating habits to Ray and I think he was shocked when I admitted I can easily wolf down a packet of Jammy Dodgers in one sitting.

He recommended a low carb diet – which hasn’t been easy – but I’ve lost 5lbs in the first week.

My ultimate goal is to weigh 10st 10lbs and chop four inches off my 40-30-40 vital statistics. Ray is convinced we can get there by Christmas.

He said: ‘After analysing Elise’s weekly food diary, I knew big changes were needed.

‘She was consuming a lot of simple sugars in her diet in the form of carbohydrates. This was having the affect of raising her insulin levels high and in turn causing her to store fat instead of burning it off.

‘I decided to put Elise on a carbohydrate-restricted diet for four weeks to lower her insulin and blood sugar levels so her body uses the carbohydrates she is consuming as energy, instead of storing it in fat cells.

‘Bread, pasta and white potatoes were switched for slow releasing carbohydrates like high fibre fruit and vegetables. I also added good fats to her diet like olive oil, cashew nut and almonds. These are a really good source of energy and have no affect on blood sugar level so they won’t be stored.

‘In CrossFit we use functional movements. This method of training is the best way to burn fat and keep lean, strong muscles.’

On Saturday I ran the Bupa 5km– which wouldn’t have been possible two months ago. A friend said I ‘glowed’ thanks to healthy eating and exercise. I’m now more determined than ever to slip into that skimpy bikini. Go to crossfitsouthernlegion.co.uk.