I’m giving my fur a good spring clean

Issabell Trigg's rainbow
Issabell Trigg's rainbow
Picture: Shutterstock

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Hello there, my friends, and welcome to your bright and beautiful Chipper Club page.

I have another rainbow to show off, this time from Issabell Trigg.

Well done, my artistic friend, a golden pawprint for you. You can see it on your picture, Issabell.

I hope you’re all full of the joys of spring because the season of pretty flowers and baby bunnies is about to start.

I’m celebrating by giving my fur a spring clean. I do that by rolling around a lot and shaking out the fleas (I let just a few stay during the winter because it’s cold).

The trouble is I always seem to end up rolling in dirt – and then it’s time for a bath.

Dogs hate baths. We shiver a lot and feel sorry for ourselves. But then we get our revenge by shaking off the water – all over children who are silly enough to get in the way.

Hahaha – beware the drenched dog, my friends.

You can always get your own back by sending in pictures of your pooches looking soaked and silly – only if they need a bath though!

Chip chip for now.

Chipper x