I made a new friend at the Kings Theatre

Chipper at The Kings Theatre with his new friend Kingsley
Chipper at The Kings Theatre with his new friend Kingsley
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Hello there my friends and welcome to a very theatrical Chipper Club page.

As some of you know I’m a very fine performer (though I do say so myself) and have sometimes appeared on stage in the Kings Theatre panto.

My talent is such that I’m used to roaring crowds and loud applause (at least I think people are cheering for me and not shouting ‘gerroff’) but recently I visited the theatre when it was very quiet.

I was there during the day to meet my friend Kingsley the bear, who lives at the Kings and loves to meet children who visit.

He’s a very nice chap who can’t wait to see all you theatre-loving Chipsters when you turn up for shows.

I just hope you don’t prefer him to me – gggrrr!!

Not really, my pals. Make sure you say ‘hi’ to my new friend Kingsley and tell him ‘Chipper says break a leg!’ Haha, of course you know that’s a theatrical term for ‘good luck’ and not a really nasty remark.

There are plenty of great Kings shows coming up including the Alice in Wonderland Easter Pantomime, The Sooty Show, Hugless Douglas and Peppa Pig.

So if you’re going, look out for Kingsley. And remember to check this page for competitions.

Until next week it’s chip chip for now,

Chipper x