I think this cold snap has given me a cold

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Brrrrrr. Greetings Chipsters, it’s a good job you’re reading this because my teeth won’t stop chattering and I’m finding it hard to speak!

This week has been full of cold on more than one level.

When I woke up one morning, I noticed there was a sprinkling of snow outside my kennel and on the roof of my master’s house.

I was so excited, but unfortunately I’d caught a cold as bad as the weather outside. I think I may have got it from one of my friends down at the local park. He’s had a terrible cough lately and hasn’t been able to bark properly. Aaaah.

But don’t worry Chipsters – I’m writing this tucked up in my favourite dog basket, with my hot water bottle and a blanket for company.

My master took some pictures of the wintry scene outside and got all excited, but all the cold weather’s done is make me feel miserable.

Hopefully next week I’ll be back to my usual spritely self, bouncing around, wagging my tail and barking with excitement!

Thank you for sending in your pictures Chipsters – as always I love to know what you’re gettting up to.

I’ve also received some great colouring. This by Tia Richardson is my favourite – the children look like they’re having so much fun in the snow. I wish I could have been with them (if only I didn’t have the sniffles). Chip chip for now