I’ve sown my seeds, but forgotten to label them

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The warm weather and lighter-for-longer days have certainly given me a reason to get on with some gardening.

After a spurt of seed sowing, though, I have fallen foul of an all too common problem.

In gaily sprinkling pea, broad bean, pepper and herb seeds liberally in pots, I have completely failed to put labels on them.

It’s not that I forgot, in fact I knew exactly what I was doing.

I had been sowing them outside in the garden to avoid a muddy kitchen floor and couldn’t be bothered to go back inside to fetch the labels.

Never mind, I thought, I know what to do. And I went on to place them in alphabetical order in each of the three trays.

Broad beans, then cucumbers. Or was it peas then peppers?

You see, having happily sown in an alphabetical way, I have since forgotten what was in each of the collection of pots.

I know that whatever they are they will be in alphabetical order, but which seeds are in which tray? Gah!

I would like to think that I will be learning from my mistakes, but as history has proved, this is unlikely. I do this every year.

Still, I know what a broad bean plant looks like and it doesn’t look anything like a pepper, so at least I have that knowledge to fall back upon. There’s hope yet.

And when my cucumber smells more like like basil, I’ll berate myself for not paying more attention at the sowing stage.