If you want to have fun – Just Jhoom

Just Jhoom instructors Lisa Lingard and Hannah Murphy
Just Jhoom instructors Lisa Lingard and Hannah Murphy
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The Zumba explosion has proved that dance-based fitness crazes attract legions of shimmying, shaking fans to their ranks.

So there are high hopes for Just Jhoom – a new form of exercise based on Bollywood dance moves.

The dance from the Indian movie industry has been gaining in popularity in the UK and Just Jhoom is a brand new fitness take on the tradition.

Think of the routines in Bollywood movies – or for the uninitiated, the dance at the end of Slumdog Millionaire – place it in a dance studio or fitness centre and you have it.

Hannah Murphy is launching a Just Jhoom class in Stubbington in January.

She says: ‘It’s quite technical and you can learn a lot of moves. But we break down the routines and the emphasis is on having fun.

‘Most people can do it and it can actually be great for people who have arthritis because there is a lot of focus on the hands.

‘It’s also good for co-ordination and is just a great form of exercise because you’re busy learning and concentrating on the routine.’

Just Jhoom draws on a range of dance styles from classical Indian to Bhangra with dashes of hip-hop, jive and jazz.

The name translates as Just Dance and offers cardiovascular fitness with lively routines set to fast-paced Indian music.

There are different types and levels of Just Jhoom. Some are fitness-based and others are more dance-focused. They also vary in impact and intensity.

Hannah comes from a dance background and has appeared in a couple of UK-based Bollywood films.

She will be running Just Jhoom classes at the Village Snooker Club, Stubbington Green. These take place on a Monday and Wednesday.

Aerobics instructor Lisa Lingard will also be running a class, this time at Locks Heath Memorial Hall on a Thursday.

The different class types are Just Jhoom Fitness (fast-paced routines and a yoga-inspired cool down), Just Jhoom Dance (learning one Bollywood dance routine a week) and Just Jhoom Cardio Dance (a fusion of dance and aerobics).

Classes begin from Monday, January 7.

For information contact Hannah at hannahriches@hotmail.co.uk or call (07796) 936041 or Lisa at betterbodyclub@hotmail.co.uk or call (07923) 231806.