Impress with these Father’s Day ideas

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Hello there my friends and welcome to a very exciting Chipper Club page.

I received a letter this week from Ella Walsh and her family. Ella was winner of the Hugless Douglas competition we held in April.

‘Thank you for my prize in your colouring competition,’ she said. ‘I enjoyed watching the Hugless Douglas show. I took my big sister, Erica with me to watch it too. I loved going backstage. I got to try the owl hat on, play the harp and I met Hugless Douglas. I had a great time.’

Here’s a picture of Ella and Erica having fun with my best bear friend Hugless Douglas and a member of the cast at the Kings Theatre.

And now something for all you creative Chipsters. It’s Father’s Day on Sunday and I have some mega-amazing ideas for homemade gifts.

How about creating a King Dad crown? All you need is a big piece of card, big enough to go round your dad’s head, some sticky tape and some pens and paint. Cut your strip of card into a crown shape and decorate it however you like. Make sure you stick each end together to create the crown. You might need an adult to help.

Or how about creating a pen pot? You need a toilet roll tube, some card, pens or paint, glue and some scissors. Create a design on the card and then stick the card around the tube. Ask an adult to help you use the scissors!

What a woof-tastic gift for a dad, grandad, uncle or friend. I’d love to see some pictures of your gifts.

Have a fun day! Chip chip for now. Chipper x