Is the perfect bottom top of your Christmas list this year?

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Kim Kardashian
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Workout DVDs are as common as colds at this time of year. As soon as the festive season hits full swing, thoughts turn to getting rid of that post-Christmas bulge.

It’s a lucrative market to tap into and that’s why celebrities and fitness experts will be vying for your attention this month, flaunting their newly-toned bodies on the front covers of their very own exercise DVDs.

But the sheer amount of choice can be dazzling and you don’t want to end up buying them all. So here’s our guide to the best new releases set to help you shape up in style.

· Post-Daybreak, Christine Bleakley’s got plenty of time to plug her first-ever fitness DVD, a mix of brand new techniques for toning up, slimming down and getting fit.

Christine Bleakley – The Workout includes a range of routines set to a toe-tapping selection of music. 

The TV presenter’s inspiration was her sister, Nicola, who lost an incredible seven stone.

Teaming up with personal trainer Maria Fenn, she set out to create a versatile programme to help women keep the weight off.

It’s divided into two sections – the first focuses on legs, bums, arms and core muscles, the second features more hardcore routines. Look out for the Bleakley Blaster.

Out December 26: £20.42

· There’s just no stopping that Davina McCall.

She’s had best-selling DVDs a-plenty and now she’s back with Davina: Ultimate Target.

Along with husband-and-wife trainers Jackie and Mark Wren, this comprehensive programme is designed to help you lose weight and tone up when combined with a healthy diet.

Try the Fabulous Fatburner – a 30-minute cardio workout combining Latino dance moves and high impact exercise – or the Target Abs toning routine. Special attention is given to bums, shoulders and bingo wings.

Look out for the special feature showing what happened when Davina paid a surprise visit to some young fans,

Out now: £20.42.

· Thanks to Pippa Middleton, bums are big business this year.

Now Pilates expert Margot Campbell is to release The Perfect Pilates Bum – a workout designed to achieve the perfect posterior.

The aim is to show you how to achieve better definition throughout your mid-section, from your tummy through your back to your thighs, sculpting your waistline to lift and tighten your bum.

Created by Margot, the DVD is made up of four sections, each designed to work your body slightly differently, but all combined to give you a peachy behind.

And for those who have never done Pilates before, there is a short tutorial that explains the basic concepts.

Out December 26: £16.33

· She might be as famous for her 72-day marriage as she is for her well-upholstered backside, but that won’t stop Kim Kardashian’s fans from lapping up her new workout DVDs.

She’s got two releases out on Boxing Day – Ultimate Butt Body Sculpt and Butt Blasting Cardio Step.

The American reality TV star has turned her assets into a real money-spinner.

Ultimate Butt is a quick, fast-paced workout, designed to isolate and condition all muscle groups while burning calories. The first 15-minute workout focuses on the lower body and core, with the second workout adding more movement and height followed by a series of stretches.

Butt Blasting is split into three segments and uses cha cha and mambo moves.

Out December 26: £12.99 each

· Jillian Michaels is bringing her workout routines to the UK with Killer Buns and Thighs.

She’s one of America’s best-known fitness experts thanks to her role on TV show The Biggest Loser.

Her first UK release was a best-seller and now she’s back and promises to whip you into shape.

There’s three fat-blasting 30 minute workouts to help get the lower half of your body looking toned and sculpted.

And the exercises range in difficulty level so there’s something for everyone.

Out December 27: £15.99