It’s my duty to bark scarily at postmen

Great colouring by Faith Thorpe
Great colouring by Faith Thorpe
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Hi there Chipsters. I’ve noticed you lot have been donning your school uniforms again and have headed back to the classroom. School holidays always seem to go so quickly, don’t they?

I’ve rather enjoyed having you around for the past six weeks – there have been plenty more friendly faces to play with in the park. I’ll miss seeing you all every afternoon on my daily walk.

Talking of school, I’m getting into a spot of teaching myself at the moment.

For the next couple of weeks I’ll be imparting my pearls of wisdom to my master’s friend’s puppy, who has been lodging with us while his master is away.

This puppy is not the brightest button in the box and could do with learning about the big wide world. So your old pal Chipper here has been teaching him all about the ins and outs of canine life, including an intensive course in how to make the best puppy dog eyes so that humans give you extra treats.

We’ll also be learning how to detect the arrival of postmen and visitors to the front door so that you can do your doggy duty of protecting the household by barking like mad and scaring them off. I’m sure he’ll be a star student and a perfect pooch in no time with an excellent teacher like me!

Right, best go, I have lessons to plan, but first have a look at this lovely colouring from Faith Thorpe. Chip chip for now!

Your old mate, Chipper