Lisa’s full of energy and ready to help

Lisa Pitman (35) at her home in Eastney''''Picture: Sarah Standing (131736-9187)
Lisa Pitman (35) at her home in Eastney''''Picture: Sarah Standing (131736-9187)
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Losing weight and changing career has made Lisa Pitman feel like a different woman.

And now the former naval logistics officer turned health psychology student and Slimming World consultant is hoping to help others improve their health and lives.

Having lost two-and-a-half stone with Slimming World, Lisa has now become a consultant for the organisation.

She’s relaunching the Slimming Word group at Church of the Holy Spirit, Fawcett Road, Southsea tomorrow at 7.30pm and will be there at the same time every week.

‘It just feels like it really works,’ says 35-year-old Lisa. ‘I’ve lost weight myself and it’s such an easy plan.

‘I’d never particularly tried diets before, I hated the idea of counting calories and having to eat rabbit food. It really put me off. But this wasn’t like that at all. It’s such an easy plan and when you’re following it, the weight comes off.’

Lisa says she steadily gained weight over her 11-year-career in the navy, partly because she was away from home a lot and wasn’t cooking her own food.

‘There’s very little control over the food you eat, what’s in it and when you have it. In my final job I very rarely made it to the set meal times and as a result lived on ready meals and bar snacks.’

She decided to take redundancy because she wanted to lead a more settled life.

She now has a boyfriend, is studying and says the weight loss and making a fresh start has increased her confidence and made her feel great.

‘It’s not just about losing weight but feeling healthy, I feel like I have loads of energy,’ says Lisa.

She has spent the last year studying psychology and is due to start an MSc in health psychology in September.

Lisa says: ‘What I’ve learned so far has really helped me understand my own behaviour when it comes to food and I’m sure will help me support my members.’

The training programme to become a Slimming World consultant also looks at psychology.

Lisa says the slimming programme is all about offering people a friendly, inclusive group to attend, supporting rather than humiliating people and providing members with a weight loss plan that doesn’t leave them feeling hungry or deprive them of treats.

For information and to find nearest groups, visit