Looking forward to a year of Chipper fun

Chipper reads The News
Chipper reads The News
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Hi there Chipsters and welcome to another fun-packed Chipper page.

I hope you enjoyed your Christmas break and are already having a lovely 2013.

I know you’ve gone back to school now, but I would love it if you could still make time to enjoy the hilarious jokes and puzzling activities here.

In fact I hope you made reading the Chipper page every week one of your new year resolutions.

It’s not a very difficult one. Look how much fun I’m having with the newspaper.

Another good resolution would be to make sure you send me all your fun stories and jokes.

You must have seen lots of funny jokes in your Christmas crackers. Perhaps you could share some of them with me.

And I’d love to hear what you got up to in the holidays and what’s happening now you’re back at school and looking forward to the year ahead.

Perhaps you even have some pictures that your mum or dad might like to send.

If they have a good story with them we might be able 
to print them and share them with all the other Chipper Club members.

Also keep a lookout for more pictures for you to colour. You always do so well with those.

Until next time, it’s chip chip for now.

Your pal Chipper x