Lots of lovely glitter beneath the waves

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Hello there, my friends, and welcome to your friendly, fun-packed, glittery Chipper Club page.

I say glittery because I’m covered in the stuff – and so is my kennel.

Chipster Erica Walsh coloured the ‘under the sea’ picture beautifully and added plenty of sparkle to her bright and cheerful piece of work.

She made sure there was lots of lovely glitter in the envelope too so now my fur is looking lovely and sparkly.

It looks like my fleas are having a dazzling disco.

Not really, my shocked and worried pals, I don’t have any fleas.

Well not many!

A big thank-you to Erica.

As you know I like to brighten up my kennel by putting my Chipster pals’ pictures on the wall, and your picture has certainly done a great job of cheering the place up.

I’m awarding you a golden pawprint, the Chipper Club version of a gold star.

Speaking of gold stars, I hope you’re all planning to work hard and do the best you can when you go back to school next week.

But don’t forget to make the most of the little bit of summer holiday that you have left.

I want you all to have a fabulous time.

And don’t forget to write to me and tell me about all the things you’ve been doing this summer.

Until next week, it’s chip chip for now.

Chipper x