Make dad gorgeous with a big surprise

Amy 'Richardson at The Retreat
Amy 'Richardson at The Retreat

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Presenting dad with a spa gift voucher for Father’s Day might not give him an immediate glow.

But once he’s come round to the idea of having a facial, aromatherapy massage, pedicure or even manicure, he may well see the benefits to his complexion and well-being.

Think he won’t buy it? While a treatment gift is risky, beauty therapists are reporting a rise in male customers and say more men would welcome a well-earned treat.

The Retreat spa and beauty clinic at The Pyramids in Southsea is promoting Father’s Day gifts as part of a drive to get more men into the treatment rooms.

‘We’re attached to the gym so we get a lot of men from there coming to see us.

‘But we’re trying to get the message out to the wider public,’ says senior beauty therapist Amy Richardson.

While men are welcome to try any of the spa’s treatments, there is a range which should appeal to the spa’s male customers.

It includes facials, massages and feet, hand and nail treatments.

‘We get less for the manicures,’ admits Amy. ‘But it’s a nice relaxing thing that makes you feel good so men should definitely think about it.

‘We have quite a few men coming for pedicures. Often they’ve been persuaded by their wives and partners.

‘More are coming in for facials and massages of course are quite popular.’

Everyone’s skin is different and all facials are tailored for the individual.

But the treatments for men are slightly different. Therapists use a less floral range of products that should appeal more to their male customers.

Amy says many men are surprised by the difference that a facial makes.

‘Often men will come in and when you ask what they use, it tends to be soap and water,’ she says.

‘Once they start having treatments and using other products, they notice a big difference.’

She says a lot of men are introduced to the world of the spa by their girlfriends and keep coming back.

‘I think the word we want to get out is that it isn’t about vanity,’ says Amy.

‘It’s about feeling good and can be really beneficial for your well-being.

‘Apart from anything, having a facial is relaxing and that can really help people with stressful lives.’

For information on The Retreat visit or call (023) 9279 9977.