Make every day fun and stop yearning for a shot of happiness, says life coach

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You’re not alone if you’re yearning for a holiday. As the rain beats down, most of us are probably looking longingly at holiday brochures, full of pictures showing glorious blue skies and endless stretches of white sand.

But is it the particular destination we’re craving or simply a break from our own lives?

‘The daily grind, the commute, the bills and what’s in the news can over time wear us down,’ says life coach Louise Presley-Turner, the author of new book Finding A Future That Fits.

‘Some of us temper this by our own form of escapism – a chilled glass of wine in the evening, a favourite TV show and some naughty snacks.

‘But our holiday time is viewed as the ultimate escapism – a chance to be able to think or even to switch off our thoughts and to be somewhere else and be somebody else, just for a while.’

While that’s accepted as normal, she points out, it can mean all too often that we waste our lives in a state of underlying discontent.

‘We cling to the belief that two weeks on a beach somewhere, a few pina coladas and dreamy bar staff will magically wipe away any problems and fix everything.’

Instead, she recommends thinking about why you need a holiday. If, rather than a chance to explore new and exciting places, it’s for your annual two-week shot of happiness, it might be time to break the cycle and take some steps to overhauling your everyday life.

Imagine instead, she says, waking up every day and looking forward to work, being able to spend more time with friends and family, finding time to play and, in effect, making every day feel like a holiday.