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Angela Hawkes on the hoop
Angela Hawkes on the hoop
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Fitness with a twist is on offer at a new studio in Titchfield and beginners are being invited to try out various classes at a special launch day.

Paradise Fitness runs sessions in hula hooping, pole dancing, aerial hoop, aerial silks, rhythmcise and Just Jhoom.

And for those who are wondering what on earth some of those things are, the introduction day will allow them to have a go during 30-minute classes.

Instructor and Paradise Fitness owner Angela Hawkes says people are often concerned about trying something new.

She wanted to give potential participants the chance to have a go in a relaxed environment.

‘I think there are a lot of barriers to fitness and in general and when you run something a bit different it adds some more.

‘People have all kinds of questions and concerns. It’s usually “what if the other girls are smaller than me?” and “what if I’m not fit enough?”

‘But once I have a chat with them and they have a go, the concerns usually melt away. We have a nice, supportive and friendly environment here and people are usually concentrating on their own moves.

‘After a while they’re amazed at what they can achieve.’

Pole dancing for fitness has become popular in the world’s gyms and comb-ines, grace, muscle strength and skill.

It’s great for toning, co-ordination, balance, strength, flexibility and when routines are put together, cardio exercise.

Aerial hoop and silks have their background in the circus and focus on acrobatic skills. Aerial hoop is suitable for beginners but people spend a long time working up to impressive moves.

Mastering hula hooping skills provided an effective workout and most participants find it a blast.

Just Jhoom is a form of exercise based on Bollywood dance.

Rhythmcise uses gym balls and ribbons and focuses on gymnastic skills.

The 30-minute sessions take place at the studio at The Tanneries, Titchfield on Saturday.

On Sunday there will be workshops and demonstrations by Miss Pole Dance UK 2012 womens and doubles winner Sarah Scott.

For information and to find out about classes at the studio go to or call (07849) 614577.