Camilla Melchiori recalls some of her fondest chilldhood memories
Camilla Melchiori recalls some of her fondest chilldhood memories
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Today Camilla Melchiori, 25, recalls some of her fondest childhood memories. Camilla grew up in Italy but currently lives in Southsea.

What is your earliest memory?

When I was three years old and I attended the pre-school, my grandfather – a baker – used to take me, my brothers and my cousins in the car which he used to carry our bread bags. It was really funny to be all together in between the bread bags and we laughed all the time! I really liked to go to the pre-school in that way.

What do you remember about your birthdays?

I always had big parties for my birthday. There were always lots of friends in my home and we spent all the afternoon playing together. My birthday is at the end of August and the weather is always hot during the summer in Italy.

How was school?

I liked to go to school because I could meet my friends, I’ve always been a very sociable person. I remember that during the lessons I spoke a lot with my classmates and sometimes teachers scolded me.

What did you get up to with your friends?

My best friend’s were my brothers, my cousin and Luisa, a girl who lived near my house. We attended pre-school together and we’re still friends today. She’s like a sister for me.

What toys did you play with?

When I was a child I really liked to play with dolls and spent lots of afternoons playing with them.

What did you watch on television?

Me and my brothers used to sit on the sofa, having a snack together, watching cartoons.

Any clothes that stick out in your memory?

I remember that my mother liked to put on me lot of funny hats! They were very nice and every time I look at the pictures she took, they make me laugh!

What music did you listen to?

When I went to school I liked pop groups such as the Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys. Now my taste is totally different and I particularly like rock music.

What was the naughtiest thing you did?

One day me and my friends decided not to go to school because it was a beautiful sunny day and we wanted to go to the lake to have fun. But while we were at the bus stop waiting for the bus I saw my father in his car. I tried to hide myself but he saw me!