Mick Lyons, co-ordinator for The Rocky Appeal

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Looking back over 2010, wondering how to raise £3m for The Rocky Appeal for the space age futuristic digital keyhole surgery theatres, was a daunting task.

But as always, the natives of the south east of Hampshire, and some from the surrounding counties joined in, and together we have reached half of our target and now have two of these theatres running, giving approximately 8,000 patients a year the chance of this new treatment.

Most will only be in hospital for one day and without major surgery are less likely to pick up any infection.

We have started to raise money for the third theatre which this time will be for bones and joints and anything to do with your skeleton. Only one other theatre like this exists in the country.

The other wonderful achievement during the year was raising 700,000 for the Victory Institute of Minimal Access Surgery which is one of three training centres for surgeons now and in the future, to learn the new system.

All of this will be a lasting legacy for all of us. This type of keyhole surgery is a true miracle of modern technology.

Patients with most forms of cancer and many other conditions are now treated using tiny incisions with only the diseased tissue or organ receiving surgical attention, all healthy parts remain undisturbed.

What more can I say, sometimes we have to raise money ourselves for equipment as the NHS has not enough funds to buy all we need. But I would say if you have your health you are like a millionaire.

We'd like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy and healthy new year.