Missing Andy

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Missing Andy rolled into The Cellars At Eastney with a point to prove.

No mere TV show stars, these boys wanted to show they are the real deal.

Before they took to the stage, Grant Melin put in an appearance. An assured songwriter for one so young, Grant was equally at home as a performer.

If his vocal was, at times, a little too alike to more well known singers, that can be forgiven in so young a performer. When he finds his own voice, Melin's will be a name to keep an eye on.

The next act, Guilded Youth, are also fresh-faced enough to make this critic feel ancient.

Their power-pop tunes were incredibly catchy though and they already seem to have amassed a strong following. Impressive stuff indeed!

When Missing Andy arrived on stage, the venue was full to capacity. As they launched into opener Song For The Deaf the crowd responded with unreserved enthusiasm.

Throughout their set they had the crowd humming along as if they had known these songs all their lives.

When they finished, with hit single Made In England, every audience member was singing along – and when the lights went up it was clear on everyone's faces that they witnessed an act destined for much bigger things.