More to the radish than meets the eye

Japanese-style radish and rare beef roll-ups.
Japanese-style radish and rare beef roll-ups.
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You might have thrown a few in your side salad or had some in your coleslaw.

But there are many more ways to serve up a radish and plenty of reasons to do so.

Not only are radishes low in calories, they are also a source of vitamin C and folic acid. And you’ll also find potassium, vitamin B6 and iron in those little round spicy capsules.

If you’re watching your weight, there’s great news – one radish equals one calorie.

Experts have had plenty of good things to stay about the humble salad staple.

‘Crisp, peppery little summer radishes are indeed the perfect way to kick-start a meal, bold enough to set the gastric juices flowing, yet barely denting the appetite,’ cook and food author Sophie Grigson has said.

And others have tips on the best way to eat them.

‘Peppery breakfast radishes are full of flavour now. Trim away all but a small stub of their stems for ease of eating. They are gorgeous munched for breakfast in the Victorian style with potted shrimp, watercress and plenty of buttered toast,’ advises food writer Sybil Kapoor.

The Love Radish website, which promotes the industry, has plenty of recipe options.

As well as several salads, there are stir-fried radishes and coriander, Indian spiced radishes and pumpkin, radish butter on rye toast with soft boiled eggs and several others.

Or you can enjoy them the simple way – with salt and bread and butter.

Now is the time to snap them up as the radish season started in mid-April.

And you can enjoy them for many more months as this long season runs all the way through to late October.

To give yourself a radish health and taste boost, why not try the recipe below, also from

Japanese-style radish and rare beef roll-ups

Makes 16 canapés

You’ll need:

450g fillet steak

2 tsp oil

8 radishes

4 spring onions

2cm root ginger

2 tbsp sesame oil

40ml soy sauce

½ tbsp wasabi paste

Bunch watercress

Black sesame seeds

What to do:

1. Season the steak with salt and white pepper. Heat the oil in a frying pan and sear so it’s dark on the outside but soft and rare inside. Wrap it in clingfilm and place it in the freezer for one hour.

2. Chop each radish into eight wedges and slice the spring onions length ways. Grate the ginger and add to the sesame oil, soy and wasabi paste.

3. Unwrap the steak and slice as thinly as possible. Place a few pieces of radish and spring onion along with a sprig or two of watercress at one end of a slice of beef and roll it up. Repeat this until the ingredients are used up.

4. Arrange on a plate and sprinkle with sesame seeds. Serve with the dipping sauce.