Moscow State Circus returns to Southsea

The Moscow State Circus
The Moscow State Circus
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The Moscow State Circus brings its unique blend of quirky theatricality and athletic showmanship to Southsea Common next week.

The internationally renowned circus introduces a new production, set in the mystical centre of Moscow’s cultural and artistic quarter Park Gorkogo (Gorky Park).

Superstar Clown Val Defun invites the audience to this wondrous and mysterious space, a place of romance as lovers stroll and take in Moscow at sunset.

The loveable Val Defun reminisces about past times in the Russian capitol as he is surrounded by a talented cast of flying, back flipping, juggling and roller skating performers

The ever-changing relationship of Moscow’s inhabitants with Gorky Park form the basis of the new concept behind Park Gorkogo, reflected in the new show’s dynamic approach which swings from performances on the ground to acts high above the audience’s heads in breath-taking succession.

Park Gorkogo features a variety of dazzling acts including the award-winning flying trapeze of Aliev’s White Birds, unbelievable roller-skating by the Veslovskis and the unique Yakovlev Vertical Pole Jugglers.

Circus fans can also enjoy feats of strength from Vladislav Khostik, the Kozak whip crackers and the revolving Russian Swing which catapults performers high above the crowd at breakneck speed.

The Moscow State Circus: Park Gorkogo comes to Southsea Common from Wednesday, May 21 until Sunday, June 1 – show times vary.

Call 0203 375 3970 or visit

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